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2022 Sewing Summit

Y’all!!! Another Sewing Summit is almost here, and I had SO MUCH FUN with these classes!! I have three classes in this summit, and I am super excited for all of them! My favorite part about the Sewing Summit is that you get out of it what you need. Every class is free to watch for 24 hours on the assigned day during the summit (January 31 – February 4). So, if you want to catch a class here or there, or you have a decent amount of free time, enjoy all of them. During the week you can watch, download any class resources, and really take in all the info you want! If you have a bit less free time or want to be able to reference the classes later, you can buy the VIP pass! This will give you lifetime access to the classes, plus access to bonus classes! So, if that is in your budget, it is definitely worth the investment! (And if you buy through my links in this post, you help support me so I can make more classes!)

To start, I have a Cheeky Panty Hack! If you’ve got a favorite leggings pattern, you can dive right in! I walk through how to take the leggings pattern and cut out some cute cheeky panties! This pattern is perfect for galloon lace, but you can definitely use any knit fabric and finish the edges if you prefer! Plus, for those who like a little more coverage, I walk through an additional hack to add some height and support to front and back! I LOVE this option because they’re a bit more comfortable for me. But whichever your preference, I know you’ll feel amazing in these!!

Next, I dipped my toes into less specific project based classes this year with some Tips and Tricks for Sewing Swim! I know that sewing swimsuits can be intimidating!! I chose not to have a specific pattern for this one so that you can really apply the tips to any sewing pattern that makes you happy! I walk through troubles I’ve run into and how to avoid it. Tips for adding support for busty people. And generally just ramble about how much I love sewing swim.

Finally, sticking with techniques, I have O O or o o – How to Adjust for YOUR Bust. This class makes me so happy because so many people are scared of bust adjustments. While there are tons of resources out there, I’m hopeful that videos of darted and non-darted, full and small bust adjustments would be helpful!! I walk through all four techniques separately so you can watch just what you need, and if you’re a VIP, refer back to it any time you need a reminder! I also included a download with miniature versions of bodices so you can practice on a small scale to get a bit more comfortable with the process!

There are so many amazing classes in this summit!! From to go checkers games, to help with welt pockets, and even earrings!! There are some very talented teachers participating! Check out all the info and sign up for the free version here!! And don’t forget to join us the week of January 31 to February 4!

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