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2022 Sewing Summit

Y’all!!! Another Sewing Summit is almost here, and I had SO MUCH FUN with these classes!! I have three classes in this summit, and I am super excited for all of them! My favorite part about the Sewing Summit is that you get out of it what you need. Every class is free to watch for 24 hours on the assigned day during the summit (January 31 – February 4). So, if you want to catch a class here or there, or you have a decent amount of free time, enjoy all of them. 

Holiday Crafts

As we are RAPIDLY approaching Christmas, my crafting list only ever seems to get longer. As I finish a project, it always seems like I can fit just one more in, just one…. So I am forever grateful for the quick, thoughtful, fun makes. Anything that I can put some love into, but not invest days of crafting time. Which is why I was extra excited to do three classes for the Quick Gifts Summit for Rebecca Page this year!! I let my creative juices flow and LOVE all of my projects!!

Porcelynne Jackie

Y’all know I love a challenge! So when a new to me designer wanted me to make up a new sports bra, I jumped right in. (Ok, I verified timelines and whatnot first.) Since Porcelynne was completely new to me, I had to check them out. See what they offered and what their vibe was. I was super excited about the offerings. Some great bras that looks completely cute, cover a huge range, and supplies for sale as well!

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