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Angled Zip Clutch and The Sewing Summit

I am ridiculously excited to be sharing another free pattern with you today!! Nothing makes me happier than sharing something fun! This little clutch is just adorable. A little fun, a little sassy, super useful, and so very versatile!

It is such a quick sew, I can’t even believe it. Plus, the scrap busting options are endless. This could be really cute patchwork quilted to use even the tiniest of scraps! And most of us keep the supplies needed on hand. A zipper, some interfacing, and a bit of woven fabric. Boom and done!!

Now, the zipper is a bit longer than the ones I typically keep on hand (I buy 8″ zippers in bulk), but not so long that it will be hard to get your hands on. I really wanted to be able to get my phone in and out easily and still have room for whatever I want to carry. I made these versions out of quilting cottons, but this would be so fun and easy out of all kinds of woven fabrics. Accents in faux leather would be lovely, some great outdoor fabrics, suede. Endless options!!

I did my best to make these pattern pieces easy to make, while still having some unique features, so you should be able to trace and cut everything out of regular US computer paper, no glue needed, if you prefer to make pattern pieces, rather than cut fabric directly. This is definitely my preference if I’m planning to make more than one of anything. Measurements are quick and easy (and I hate gluing paper together), but for repeats, it’s just easier to have the pattern cut and ready to go.

Now I have even better news! I’m doing a sew along to show just how easy this pattern is to make up!! And to show a quick hack, if you’re scared of zippers or just don’t feel like adding one (the navy one with the periodic table lining). Check out The Sewing Summit! It is a week long event with some of the most amazing sewists, designers, and fabric experts sharing their knowledge with you. Free to attend live, or grab the videos forever at a reduced price ahead of the event. However you choose to participate, I’m sure you’ll be able to learn something new and exciting, and meet some new peeps in the sewing community!

Grab this free pattern right here, and be ready to sew it up with me! Don’t forget to tag me if you share anywhere, as I’d love to see your finished product!

Stephanie xx

18 thoughts on “Angled Zip Clutch and The Sewing Summit”

  1. This looks great and is the exact size I love to carry on the weekends when I don’t need my full bag! I love this!

  2. Been all over your pages for the free bag and never found where you put the dimensions for it like you said you had for it on the video . Doesn’t really matter as I to have been sewing since before I was eight years old that when I started with the sewing machine. I have sewn my clothes my favorite were the 1970’s vogue patterns back then the fancier the better. Three piece men’s suits formal dresses, drapes curtains now I do all types of upholstery work. Was just going to see what I might benefit from the summit. I’m under the weather today having to recouperate after roofing a 21 square house so I thought I might watch the summit and see what’s going on in the sewing world. But if I ‘m good tomorrow I have to finish fixing a leather club chair cushion. Glad to see younger ones getting into sewing. I have done hand piecing, appliquΓ© and quilting I liked that but now I crochet for relaxation in between upholstery work. Going back to your video to watch it.

    1. Hi! So sorry you’re not finding the download!! There is a line directly below the flamingo photos that says “Sarcastic Sewist – Angled Zip Clutch Tutorial” with a box that says DOWNLOAD. This is where you’ll click to get the file. Please do let me know if that doesn’t work for you.

      Sounds like you are well experienced in all kinds of sewing! My Grandma taught me to sew when I was 5 or 6 and I’m so glad I could have this passion for something that meant so much to her. And now I get to share that passion with all of you wonderful people!

      Thank you for your feedback, and for watching my video and visiting the page!

  3. Really enjoyed the video, wasn’t able to actually see along with at this time but hope to make one in the future, took lots of notes. Maybe if I am lucky I’ll be able to get back to seeing before Christmas but having back issues and let issues that won’t allow me to sit up straight for very long so seeing isn’t really an option right now.

    1. Oh, nothing worse than when our bodies don’t let us do what our hearts want! I hope you’re feeling better and back at the machine quickly! Thank you!

  4. Impressive tutorial. Well-organized, with clear, concise instructions. I like the attention to neatness.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that your video was awesome! Great job πŸ™‚ “Give it a good press…”

  6. Hooray finally someone nice to listen to and knows what she’s doing with nice clear instructions.
    Looking forward to trying your clutch purse pattern.
    Again thanks very well done
    Cheers Sue (Australia)

    1. Thanks for joining me, Sue! I sure hope you’ll share your own version of this clutch when you make it!

  7. I did your sew-a-long, changed the measurements slightly since we don’t have us letter size paper here, so mine turned out a little differently, but I love the design. I made a wee clutch for my mum out of her granddaughter’s old school dress. she loves it!

    Would love some more close-ups for any future tutorials as it would help to make sure the pieces were right etc. I’d also love a bit more sarcasm 😜

    Thanks very much for sharing πŸ˜€

    Kas in Ireland

  8. Hello Stephanie,
    Thank you so much for the tutoring. I followed the free tutoring during sewing summit. I really love the grey fabric with the triangles. Where did you get it from? Would you mind sharing?

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