5oo4 Gloria

5 out of 4 Patterns is an amazing company.  I don't know if I've ever mentioned that before.  They are friendly and kind.  Ridiculously knowledgeable and happy to share their sewing info with anyone who needs it.  They design gorgeous patterns with an amazing range of sizes to be as inclusive as possible.  I count… Continue reading 5oo4 Gloria

New Website, What?!

So, it turns out this little adventure is something I REALLY enjoy.  Who knew?  I've never been a fan of writing or having people read my writing.  But, this whole documenting how I feel when I'm sewing stuff up, what the pattern is like, what fabric I'm using, getting other people's opinions on my stuff,… Continue reading New Website, What?!

Romper Mashup

Confession time. I love rompers! For serious. They are so cute and fun!! But, for both practical reasons and because I haven't found one I think will flatter me, this is one sewing project I have not tackled. Until now!! My very gorgeous friend asked me for a romper to wear to a celebration and… Continue reading Romper Mashup