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Dry Spells

I sew every week. Some weeks, that is every day. A little bit of prep after work. A seam or two in between other tasks. A full day of just for fun sewing. Whatever time I’m able to commit, sewing is always a priority in my life.

Unfortunately, it can’t always be the highest priority. Now, I just got to go on vacation, which makes me super lucky. But, there has been no sewing since before vacation!! Nothing. Haven’t glued together a pattern. Haven’t washed any pretty fabric. Haven’t even online shopped patterns. And, damn, it is starting to get to me!

The last two weeks of no-sewing have been filled with work and connecting with people. Usually, I’m not much of a people person. I love my people, but the general population isn’t typically my cup of tea. But every once in a while, I need to reconnect and re-center with my peeps.  Catch up with one-on-one time and make sure they know I’m always here for them.

Working is always there. Whether it is something to look forward to or something to check off the list. Vacation always makes work build up while simultaneously throwing off my work rhythm.  Playing catch up and finding my groove has been much slower work than I expected.  Maybe partially because I almost never take a “real” vacation from both my jobs.  Maybe partially because I could have used a longer vacation.  (And couldn’t we all use a nice, long vacation?)

So, what do you do when you just can’t make time to sew? When other priorities just rank higher on the list? For me, I focus on the other joys in life.  Those connections are a bright spot.  I love being fully immersed in experiences with the people I am lucky enough to call friends and family (even those friends I haven’t met in person yet.  Hey sewing peeps!!)  Stepping back from my hectic schedule allows me to focus on the rest of my life.

I have been thoroughly enjoying cooking and planning a few birthday celebrations!  Prepping for the holidays, right around the corner.  Organizing and cleaning out my home space.  (I removed 3 huge bags of …stuff from my room/closets and feel so much better for it!).  All of these little things that I tend to neglect when I have a million deadlines looming and barely a moment to spare a thought for.

Also, fall really has finally started showing up here in Atlanta.  I am so enjoying the open windows and cool evenings.  I’m thinking I need to get a few lovely walks in, in the evenings, when I can take a deep breath and just be.  October is my favorite month, for many reason, and it is almost half gone already!  I still need to convince Virginia that we should start hanging twinkle lights early this year and work out the details of our sister visiting at the end of the year. (YAY!!!)

But, I am ready to throw myself back into the craft room.  I don’t even think I’m going to clean it first!  I have work sewing to do, but really want to carve out an hour to sew a shirt for Virginia.  I’ve got new fabric to wash up!  Have I mentioned that I won some GORGEOUS fabric from Surge Fabric Shop?  I ordered some great cotton lycra and lace and desperately want to jump in and start sharing how beautifully it sews up!  Christmas sewing is looming over my head.  Plus, some great ideas to sew for loved ones.  And I’m pretty sure I actually do have a deadline looming that I need to remember.  Whoops.  (Isn’t this why I have a spreadsheet?  I should pull that up…)

So, I’ll be back to the grindstone as soon as I find my work rhythm.  And of course, sharing away all the pretties I make!!  What do you do when you just can’t make time to sew?  Let me know and share what you are working on right now!!  I’d love the inspiration!

Stephanie <3

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Romper Mashup

Confession time. I love rompers! For serious. They are so cute and fun!! But, for both practical reasons and because I haven’t found one I think will flatter me, this is one sewing project I have not tackled. Until now!!

My very gorgeous friend asked me for a romper to wear to a celebration and I could not have been happier to tackle it!! We discussed what she wanted, v-neck, pants, maybe elastic at the ankle? I was so happy to say I have great patterns to use as a base here!!

We settled on the Rebecca Page Cerena for the bottoms with the Made for Mermaids Mama Quinn on top. This combo had all the features she was looking for and I knew it would come together beautifully because both of these pattern companies are ones that ALWAYS work for me. Win. Win.

Fabric shopping was also easier than expected! She was looking for a specific green, solid woven fabric. We hit up Fine Fabrics and stumbled on exactly the right shade so quickly! (I also scored a gorgeous blue chambray for a DIBY Julianne on the same trip!)

On to alterations! My friend is basically an amazon. She is tall and athletic. Did I mention gorgeous? Thankfully, she fell in one size for the Cerena!! And since I wanted to add width to the bottom of the Quinn for more flounciness (that’s totes a word), I just needed it to fit her bust. More winning!! The biggest change was the back piece. She needed a button placket (like the original Cerena) so she could get in and out of this thing. Instead of cutting on the fold, I cut two mirror image back pieces, 1 1/4″ from the foldline. Then of course grading out at the hip line for more body.

Construction was ridiculously easy, especially considering I was mashing two patterns from two companies. No changes at all to put together the pants. I used the Quinn instructions for the first bit of the top. Then, switched to the Cerena instructions for the button placket and attaching it to the pants.

A few fit checks along the way and she is ready to go!! Let me know what you think!!

Stephanie xx

PS – This is the project I referenced in this post for the Cerena pants hack inspo!  Who wouldn’t be inspired by how amazing this lovely woman looks in these pants? <3 <3


This post contains various affiliate links.  Purchasing patterns using these links does not cost my readers more, but the designer does provide me with a small commission from any sales.  This commission helps to fund my fabric addiction and is greatly appreciated.

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Me Made May ’18

I’ve been pretty quiet over here. After revamping my sewing room (I can see all my fabric!!!), I just didn’t dive back in to making stuff. I did have fun showing a friend how to make the cutest top and skirt! But other than that, no sewing for Stephanie.

However, it is Me Made May and I am actively participating this year! My goal isn’t a sewing goal or a fabric goal or even a pattern goal. I just want to take the time every day to appreciate my Me Made Wardrobe. Almost everything I wear is me made. I have a few straggler RTW pieces that I haven’t parted with yet and I haven’t tackled jeans or bras (but, they are coming). But the rest of my day-to-day wear and a few fancier pieces are handmade with a little love and some swears.

So, if you follow me on Insta or the book of faces, you might see a simple photo, not even a good one, every single day this month (hopefully!!). And I have to say, I wasn’t sure if I would get much out of MMM, but it is lovely to consider what is in my closet and the thought process behind making each piece. I’ve found myself considering new combinations and pairings and pulling stuff from the back of my closet that hasn’t been worn in a while.

If you are a fellow crafter or sewer, are you joining in on MMM or avoiding the posts because you feel pressured to tackle projects you don’t need? Are you loving the inspiration or annoyed at the extra posts? I’ve seen both comments around our world and understand both perspectives, but I’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

xx Stephanie