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New Website, What?!

So, it turns out this little adventure is something I REALLY enjoy.  Who knew?  I’ve never been a fan of writing or having people read my writing.  But, this whole documenting how I feel when I’m sewing stuff up, what the pattern is like, what fabric I’m using, getting other people’s opinions on my stuff, thing…is fun?  I see why there are so many different sewing blogs and they are all “the same” but they are just so unique.  Everyone has a different perspective on the same type of stuff.  Now I’m reading more blogs (Hey!  Y’all are awesome!), which just inspires me to write more.  There is an ever-growing list of stuff to write and not enough time in the world!

But this revelation, plus an amazing friend of mine jumping into web hosting (I have no idea if that is the correct verbiage.  Basically he is an awesome coding genius and if you need a website guy, shoot me an email!), lead me to dive into a more personalized web experience.  My web address has changed (slightly) and I have more control over all the little fiddly bits on my pages.  I leave this really vague because…well, I have no idea what I’m doing!  But I’m loving learning and making mistakes as we go.

I’m really hoping the transition is smooth (on my end, I’m not worried about my friend, he has been so amazing).  There are a lot of new menus for me to mess up!!  But my followers definitely don’t have to do anything at all!!  You’ll still get an email when I post so you can read these rambling thoughts and see pictures of pretty, pretty fabrics.


Back to that list though…I really want to start documenting more and more of my sews.  Right now, I’m only writing maybe 8%.  I don’t want to bombard readers with test after test, or hey, I sewed up the same old work pants, but, I do want to be able to look back and remember why I’m sewing.  What I have failed at.  Where are the successes.  Do I have any skills, tips, techniques, etc, I can share with other sewists who might be struggling (we all struggle sometimes!)?  So, obviously, I have my list.  But, is there anything on your list that you’d like to read?  Do you love reading about pattern tests?  Are you interested in what random stuff I sew each month?  How I prioritize projects?  Time management techniques?  Are there any things you’re scared to try that you’d like to see some encouragement to tackle?  Comment here, send me an email, message me on social media.  I’m writing this for me, but if I can help anyone else with something, hell yes!!

Thanks for reading. <3

stephanie xx











PS – I included some random photos of projects I’ve worked on.  Some you’ve seen, some you haven’t.  Mostly from this year, but the little makeup bag is from…last year I think.  (See, this is why I need to write down more projects!)  I hope you enjoy the ridiculousness and fun.

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Fourth of July

Parades, fireworks, carnivals, Tilt-a-whirl, marching band competitions, sparklers, cookouts, and all things American flag. I have enjoyed some truly memorable Fourth of July Celebrations. My first away from home included a baseball game, a naturalization ceremony, and fireworks over the Mississippi River. All of these amazing events come together to make my absolute favorite holiday.


What better way to celebrate any holiday, let alone my favorite, than to make kick ass shirts? I’m the first to admit I would have hated the idea of matching shirts to my big sisters when I was a kid. Gah, mom, I’m not my sister!! Not that I can ever recall the parents trying. But, sisters in their 30s? Hell yes! Let’s match!!!

This year we started early. We kept an eye out for wonderful fabric (thank you So Sew English) and matched it to a bolt I picked up when Hancock was closing.

Then Virginia jumped in and worked the Silhouette while I made the shirts. (Moo Shoo helped me hem). And I think we knocked it out of the park!! These are fun, patriotic, and, if we’re being real with each other, I’ll wear this all damn year!

All three of these are Patterns for Pirates slim fit raglans. It’s a great basic raglan pattern that fits these hourglass ladies well. All three came together in just a few hours and I could not be happier with the result!

Happy Fourth, everyone. Enjoy the freedoms we have and thank the people who fight hard for them every day.

Stephanie <3 <3

PS – Photoshoots with sisters are really effing fun.

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Romper Mashup

Confession time. I love rompers! For serious. They are so cute and fun!! But, for both practical reasons and because I haven’t found one I think will flatter me, this is one sewing project I have not tackled. Until now!!

My very gorgeous friend asked me for a romper to wear to a celebration and I could not have been happier to tackle it!! We discussed what she wanted, v-neck, pants, maybe elastic at the ankle? I was so happy to say I have great patterns to use as a base here!!

We settled on the Rebecca Page Cerena for the bottoms with the Made for Mermaids Mama Quinn on top. This combo had all the features she was looking for and I knew it would come together beautifully because both of these pattern companies are ones that ALWAYS work for me. Win. Win.

Fabric shopping was also easier than expected! She was looking for a specific green, solid woven fabric. We hit up Fine Fabrics and stumbled on exactly the right shade so quickly! (I also scored a gorgeous blue chambray for a DIBY Julianne on the same trip!)

On to alterations! My friend is basically an amazon. She is tall and athletic. Did I mention gorgeous? Thankfully, she fell in one size for the Cerena!! And since I wanted to add width to the bottom of the Quinn for more flounciness (that’s totes a word), I just needed it to fit her bust. More winning!! The biggest change was the back piece. She needed a button placket (like the original Cerena) so she could get in and out of this thing. Instead of cutting on the fold, I cut two mirror image back pieces, 1 1/4″ from the foldline. Then of course grading out at the hip line for more body.

Construction was ridiculously easy, especially considering I was mashing two patterns from two companies. No changes at all to put together the pants. I used the Quinn instructions for the first bit of the top. Then, switched to the Cerena instructions for the button placket and attaching it to the pants.

A few fit checks along the way and she is ready to go!! Let me know what you think!!

Stephanie xx

PS – This is the project I referenced in this post for the Cerena pants hack inspo!  Who wouldn’t be inspired by how amazing this lovely woman looks in these pants? <3 <3


This post contains various affiliate links.  Purchasing patterns using these links does not cost my readers more, but the designer does provide me with a small commission from any sales.  This commission helps to fund my fabric addiction and is greatly appreciated.

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Me Made May ’18

I’ve been pretty quiet over here. After revamping my sewing room (I can see all my fabric!!!), I just didn’t dive back in to making stuff. I did have fun showing a friend how to make the cutest top and skirt! But other than that, no sewing for Stephanie.

However, it is Me Made May and I am actively participating this year! My goal isn’t a sewing goal or a fabric goal or even a pattern goal. I just want to take the time every day to appreciate my Me Made Wardrobe. Almost everything I wear is me made. I have a few straggler RTW pieces that I haven’t parted with yet and I haven’t tackled jeans or bras (but, they are coming). But the rest of my day-to-day wear and a few fancier pieces are handmade with a little love and some swears.

So, if you follow me on Insta or the book of faces, you might see a simple photo, not even a good one, every single day this month (hopefully!!). And I have to say, I wasn’t sure if I would get much out of MMM, but it is lovely to consider what is in my closet and the thought process behind making each piece. I’ve found myself considering new combinations and pairings and pulling stuff from the back of my closet that hasn’t been worn in a while.

If you are a fellow crafter or sewer, are you joining in on MMM or avoiding the posts because you feel pressured to tackle projects you don’t need? Are you loving the inspiration or annoyed at the extra posts? I’ve seen both comments around our world and understand both perspectives, but I’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

xx Stephanie

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Cuddly Saturdays

It is a chilly Saturday morning here in the ATL. I very much want to cuddle in bed with some kittens and a book, drifting in and out of sleep. Instead, I have a to-do list I can’t possibly accomplish today and deadlines fast approaching.

Some days I let myself fall behind to enjoy the indulgence of doing nothing. Sometimes that’s exactly what I need. Today though, not so much. So I’m waking up, writing a bit and prepping to tackle the day.

I’ve been told (on many occasions) I need to relax. But I thrive under pressure and am so much more productive with a deadline. Plus, when your hobby is fun and produces cool results, it is relaxing!

On to some fun stuff. I am going to finish one pattern test today! Then I’ll make a cute tank to wear with it for photos. I also need to get pics of the sister in her new tee. Can’t wait to share the gorgeousness she picked and the bright ridiculousness of mine.

What is on your to-do list this weekend?