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February Roundup/TBT

It is the last day of February. Which means it is (kind of) my mom’s birthday!! (Happy Birthday!!!) It also means it is time for my February Roundup, to show you guys what I have been up to this month. What didn’t make it into the blog? But, it turns out, I was hella busy this month. I literally spent minimal time behind a machine and am definitely feeling the extra stress from that.

It has been a crazy month. I’ve been working overtime at the day job, and spending extra time trying to improve myself and my skills for my second job. Plus, a cousin was visiting, we rearranged a few spaces in the house, including part of the sewing studio, and I’ve been having some technical difficulties (basically, we moved the Tivo and now it doesn’t want to connect to the internet. How am I supposed to Netflix and sew without Netflix?!)

What I’m saying (and making excuses for) is that…I didn’t sew anything else last month. My Work It outfit and Double Duty zip up. That’s it. That’s all the sewing I did this month other than some alterations and mending (which are terrible tasks that I hate doing). So, instead of rounding up my non-existent sews, I’m going to do a TBT post along with some plans for next month.

I’m throwing pretty far back this week. This quilt is one I designed and made for two of my very best friends when they had their first kiddo. I so enjoyed picking out beautiful, fun fabrics and designing something unique and very them. Then the whole thing fell apart in the final wash, the week I was flying home to see them. (The fabric literally shredded. Never buying that brand again! Never.)

After pulling stitches from a still wet quilt (didn’t want to risk further damage in the dryer and on a super time crunch), I ended up redesigning the back in order to fix it with the scraps I had left, in the time I had left. Thankfully, I really like the end result. It is fun, the details are beautiful (to me anyway), especially those fun stitches I got to use, and after 3 washes, no further damage was noted.

I have no idea if they actually use this quilt, or the second one using some of their favorite clothes from his first year. But, I still haven’t made a quilt for their second little one and I really need to get on that! (Sorry V!! I swear I designed it before you made an appearance!)

I hope your February was more filled with soothing sews than mine (or whatever your relaxation activity is)! And I’m hoping March holds more stitches for me. I do have a couple days off work and am thinking I can get a sew or two in around hanging with the sister. Here’s to some throw back delight and a happy March!


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TBT – Rebecca Page Madison Blouse

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There are so many things I sewed before I started blogging about it. Things that I barely remember. Things for other people. But then there are the things that turned out to be huge for me. January’s Throw Back Thursday Sew is the Rebecca Page Madison Blouse.

This is a great pattern with some extra cute options (like a dress, what?!). It is also the first button down I’ve ever worn that wasn’t either gaping at the bust or a tent everywhere. It opened up a new world of options for me! (Plus, sleeves that aren’t too short?! Crazy talk.)

Now, button downs that actually fit are super exciting. I want to make sure that point comes through. Button down. Fits. Wow!! But, that’s not why this sew was huge for me. This Madison blouse was the very first test I did for Rebecca Page Sewing (back when the business was called Mummykins and Me).

I adored the test. Rebecca was active in the group and fun to work with. Everyone was kind, fun, and had beautiful fabrics for me to drool over. My feedback was well received. Plus, I was offered a bonus pattern to wear with my Madison in photos. WHAT?! Hell yeah!! I jumped on the Amsterdam Coat, stayed up for 24 hours straight to sew it, and it was worth every minute!!

After the test concluded, Rebecca used some of my photos for teasers and I felt amazing! My red wasn’t quite right color-wise for cover photos or anything, but, clearly I had done well enough to entice people before the pattern released. (All the feels here. It was a validating moment for me and still fills me with a warm glow when I think about it.)

Dritz Quilting 3310 Washaway Wonder Tape, 1/4 by 10-Yard

Wonder Tape is a truly appropriate name. I use it ALL THE TIME. Hemming fussy knits. Attaching patch pockets. And, for those small seam allowances that WON’T STAY PRESSED.

From here I got added to the regular tester pool! I could have first dibs on future tests and hang out with some pretty awesome people. AHHHHHH!!! So exciting but I’m still not to the huge part yet.

All of this lead to Rebecca actually knowing who I am. Showing her that I have some sewing skills. Some time management skills. Some sort of personality that isn’t obnoxious. This all came in handy when she was looking for a pattern assistant just a few months later. I saw the post and thought, well, no harm in applying. There’s no way she’ll choose me. (This isn’t a down on me kind of thing. There are just some supremely amazing seamstresses in the PDF world.)

How blown away was I when I get a response really quick?! Well, I almost cried and I called Virginia, freaking out. I think I reread that email at least a dozen times over the next day or so, just basking in it. I could not be happier about the nonchalant, it doesn’t hurt to apply, decision that day.

May of 2017, I started working, just a few hours a week, for a company and a woman that bring so much joy to my life. And it still amazes me. I have learned so much about pattern development and have had such amazing opportunities to be creative. It has been world changing for me and I could not be happier with my side hustle. Now I work as many hours a week as I can fit in, and even when the work is stressful (hello Patsy), or frustrating, it is still fulfilling and exciting. I look forward to every new idea, new pattern, new ambassador. Everything.

Who knew one pattern test could turn into such a huge part of my life?

Put a little faith in you today.
Stephanie <3

Clover Wonder Clips, Red, 50-Pack
I use clips over pins about 90% of the time now. Way easier to use on the serger and coverstitch, plus, I don’t stab myself anywhere near as often. 🙂
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TBT – Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Hack

This TBT thing… not something I’ve ever participated in. But then I realized, I have years of sewing to share and what better way to keep track than picking random projects every once in a while?

I have to start with my favorite make ever. The Patterns for Pirates Sweetheart Dress is super cute and surprisingly versatile. It was actually one of my first knit sews!

Then I was invited to a wedding and needed a pretty dress! The fun begins here. I decided to make one small change to have a strappy back of my dreams!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Did I mention it was a twirly dress? Every lady needs a twirly dress!!!!

Some super quick instructions for anyone who would like a similar back…

From the pattern, you need the skirt, the front tank piece and the lower back piece. I then cut twelve 1″ wide strips that were way longer than I needed and a facing for both the front and back pieces. (If you need help with these steps, leave a comment!)

I sewed the strips together to make six tubes, then turned them right side out.

Sew straps to the front tank, as central as possible. Mine are slightly overlapping! Then sew the facing to the front. I sewed over the straps a few extra timesfor extra security.

On the back, I laid out the straps in the pattern I wanted.

I played with placement a bit and what worked for me might not work for you! My first strap was 1/2″ from center, then 2″ between each strap.

Sew the back facing on, making sure to secure the straps! I added elastic to the back to help prevent gaping and support this very heavy jacquard double knit fabric! (How gorgeous is this texture?)

Sew sides seams together, and understitch as far as you can.

From here, you can finish the rest of the pattern as per the tutorial.

Now you can have a twirly, strappy dress as well! Who has a fun event to wear it for and can I come with? 😆

PS: I did get to wear this to the a ridiculously fun wedding! It was perfect!!

Pick up your copy here – Sweetheart Dress 

Virginia is wearing an Essential Tank Dress – Essential Tank 

Both fabrics are from Fabric Mart which is a wonderful company. You should check them out. 😉

Stephanie xx