Hi There

Cuddly Saturdays

It is a chilly Saturday morning here in the ATL. I very much want to cuddle in bed with some kittens and a book, drifting in and out of sleep. Instead, I have a to-do list I can’t possibly accomplish today and deadlines fast approaching.

Some days I let myself fall behind to enjoy the indulgence of doing nothing. Sometimes that’s exactly what I need. Today though, not so much. So I’m waking up, writing a bit and prepping to tackle the day.

I’ve been told (on many occasions) I need to relax. But I thrive under pressure and am so much more productive with a deadline. Plus, when your hobby is fun and produces cool results, it is relaxing!

On to some fun stuff. I am going to finish one pattern test today! Then I’ll make a cute tank to wear with it for photos. I also need to get pics of the sister in her new tee. Can’t wait to share the gorgeousness she picked and the bright ridiculousness of mine.

What is on your to-do list this weekend?

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