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Holiday Crafts

As we are RAPIDLY approaching Christmas, my crafting list only ever seems to get longer. As I finish a project, it always seems like I can fit just one more in, just one…. So I am forever grateful for the quick, thoughtful, fun makes. Anything that I can put some love into, but not invest days of crafting time. Which is why I was extra excited to do three classes for the Quick Gifts Summit for Rebecca Page this year!! I let my creative juices flow and LOVE all of my projects!!

This summit starts today! You can watch completely for free this week. Every day, a new selection of classes will be available to watch for 24 hours. All of the projects are quick, fun, and great for the season!! If you are a little wary of finding time this week to watch all the classes that interest you, you can buy a VIP pass which gets you lifetime access to the classes, so you can watch them on your time, as much as you want plus access to bonus classes!!

My first class, available Wednesday, is all about Wax Stamping! I absolutely love wax stamps. A few friends got me into it a few years ago and I love the extra oomph that goes into presents and cards when I use them!! It is a great way to add a little something extra to packages or send your holiday cards with a bit of whimsy!!

In my class, I walk you through the supplies needed, basic stamping, and, of course, adding more decoration to the wax! It is tons of fun, and such a quick watch (or listen) and a fairly inexpensive hobby to add to your collection.

Thursday, I’ve got a great class to make collars for all the pets in your life! These are SO CUTE!!! I absolutely love that I can make collars that match the personalities of my furry friends. Plus, they’re great to add bows and other accessories (Rebecca Page has a great Bow Tie that is so fun for the whole family, including pets!!), bells and tags are supported, and the class has a download to help with sizing for pets from tiny kittens, to the biggest of puppies!

I can’t wait to make a collection of these for my kitties, and some personalized ones for friend’s furry loves as well!! I see some great gifts that I’ll have tons of fun making and accessorizing them!! This is also a great excuse to bombard you with pictures of these cuties!!

My third class is a bonus class, available for VIPs only, and this one is super fun and versatile! I walk through how to make Luggage Tags! But, not just Luggage Tags…These are great for reusable gift tags! My sister and I have been heading toward reusable for lots of holiday stuff, since there is just so much waste produced during the holidays and with gift wrapping. (You might have caught my reusable wine bags last year!)

I walk through all the basics for this one. Like, if you can sew a straight line, this class is everything else you need to make these!! It is fun to personalize and make super unique gifts for all your favorite people. (Pro-tip, if you are gifting something a little generic, like store bought cookie or popcorn tins, whip up one of these with the name of the recipient to take it from a yummy gift, to a thoughtful, yummy gift. ALSO, you can make a bunch in themes, like Marvel or wine, that feel specific but you can make in advance and just have on hand.) Plus, you can use it as a gift tag, then they can use it as a luggage tag. So it is a win/win!

Don’t forget to grab the download from the Class Materials section of this class, as I include a bonus of a circle and a teddy bear, along with the classic Tag shape!

Overall, I had a really fun time choosing and filming these classes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!! And that your crafting list is manageable and fun. <3

3 thoughts on “Holiday Crafts”

  1. Bash likes his collars with bells and bright colors. He dislikes going without a collar. Apparently he likes our claim on him.

  2. Hi! Just watched the collar videos, and I have a few questions. I’m a new sewer (sewist? Haha) so I don’t know if this is all very important or not, but, what size needle do you suggest for this project when using so many layers? I plan to make mine with quilting cotton. Also, which type of interfacing? I have a few in my stash, but one is super heavy and stiff while others are a bit softer. I’m just not sure which needles can take sewing through the layers, and so the interfacing type is important too. I could tell in the video that you’re using a pretty fluid interfacing, but as a newb, I’m not really familiar with all the types. Thanks in advance, and thanks so much for the collar tutorial. My standard Poodle Olive loves to dress up. Can’t wait to style her even more with personalized collars! Yay!

    1. So glad you enjoyed the class and great questions!!

      I used quilting cotton as well and a standard mid-weight interfacing. I find it to be a great weight combination for collars. But I definitely recommend a test run! That’ll help you decide if you want something with more stability or less. I also used a universal needle for my brother machine. Probably a mid size, as that is my most common. But what you need will vary based on your machine. I do highly recommend a fresh needle at the start of the project. That sharpness will help slide through those layers like butter!

      Be sure to share pics of Olive!!! Happy Sewing! <3

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