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Oh, baby, baby!

My friends are having babies! Everywhere I look, baby announcements, baby photos, baby updates. It is ADORABLE!! One of my favorites things about friends having babies is getting to make tiny, adorable things. Robes, tees, tiny shorts, whatever. It is all too cute. I love being able to give my friends something specific to them that they might not be able to find elsewhere.

I was recently very lucky to get to visit some soon-to-be parent friends and really wanted to make something ridiculous and epic. The first thing that came to mind was the Kingston Jacket. I’ve made one before for Virginia and it is indeed epic! We have some amazing denim on hand at Sly Fox Fabrics that was exactly what I wanted. I’ve got my embroidery supplies handy (this really just means I actually know where they are in the chaos of the craft room). Let’s go to town!!

I absolutely love how this turned out. It is the 12 month size, since he is growing fast and still has a few months to cook! I did the classic denim jacket options, with chest pockets he can put small things in, long sleeves that can be rolled up because Florida is hot and that is adorable. And his name embroidered behind the collar. (Non-visible for normal wear.) Just the perfect layering piece for parents that requested bow ties and cardigans.

I have to share those bow ties and cardigans as well. I just can’t resist the cuteness! I ended up making two for baby, one for Dad, and one for each of three puppies! (Plus a matching Ruffle Sleeve Dress for Mom). Everything is just so adorable and fun and it was so fun to give them to this lovely family! Plus, they’re all Sly Fox Fabrics, which is a win in my book!!

This vacation ended up being PERFECT timing for another set of new parents to come visit! They shamelessly used our guest room as home base to connect with their Atlanta friends. But we did get to feed them once or twice and have a fun game night, so all fair. 😀 Except maybe the 6 AM airport pickup. Mornings are stupid. Plus, we got to meet their little one for the first time!!

Since Dad is a toxicologist and Mom is using her PhD in some kind of chemistry in her field, making the world a better place, I had to make him his very own lab coat!! This one I am completely obsessed with. It is nicer than any lab coat I have ever worn in lab. Plus his name is embroidered on the pocket and I had to make a little science themed bow tie to go with!

Now, this is the smallest size available, for 2 year olds, so he has some time to grow into it. But as soon as he is tall enough to not trip on it, I think he’ll rock it.

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