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Porcelynne Jackie

Y’all know I love a challenge! So when a new to me designer wanted me to make up a new sports bra, I jumped right in. (Ok, I verified timelines and whatnot first.) Since Porcelynne was completely new to me, I had to check them out. See what they offered and what their vibe was. I was super excited about the offerings. Some great bras that looks completely cute, cover a huge range, and supplies for sale as well!

If you haven’t heard me complain about bra supplies before, ugh. I’ve had the worst luck. I won’t get into it, but let’s just say I was excited to try a new company, especially one that is in Florida, so shipping can be hella fast!! Enter a smooth transition here and I’ll talk about the supplies because…damn.

They sent me the hardware kit I’d need for this bra and I am impressed. The strap hardware was exciting, because I was excited to make these straps. But this elastic…y’all. It is so soft!!! There is exposed elastic on the strap, and enclosed elastic in the band. The strap elastic is high quality, great recovery, and so soft. The under bust elastic is strong!! And did I mention soft? I would 100% be comfortable with this exposed, rather than inside the band. They sent me the zipper and the hook and eye set. They are great quality and the back of the hook and eye is so soft!! The kit also included fabulous foam for the straps. It is plush and easy to work with! Now for another super smooth transition, lets talk about these straps because I am excited to share!!

These straps are super similar to the ridiculously expensive sports bras I used to buy from Cacique. They are comfortable and plush, and COMFORTABLE!!! If you have ever worn bras, you’ve probably experienced at least one of poor quality that just digs into your shoulder. They are the worst. Add in bouncing through a workout and it can be quite painful. These will cause no pain. Plus, because they’re adjustable, you can make them as comfortable as possible from day to day as your bust size fluctuates slightly or if they’re tender.

Now that I’ve sold you on needing these straps in your life, I bet you’re wondering about fit. Because what good is a sports bra if it doesn’t fit? The fit is great for me! I made up the 48F, per my measurements and it is sooo comfortable. I could do some yoga or weight lifting in this. For more impact sweating, I’ll follow the instructions for a compression fit and add some power mesh. Overall, I am super excited to add this to my sewing arsenal!!

I’d like to touch on the other options included in the Jackie pattern as well. I did the zipper and hook and eye combo. It is definitely a more advanced sew with these two options. But a practice bra to nail fit, and I think most adventurous sewists will be able to tackle it! If you’re not up for that, you can do a zipper only or a flat front entirely!! The instructions give options for various strap elastic widths, which is really helpful if you’re just making do with supplies you have on hand (or are recovered from other bras/projects). They also made sure that you can mash this with any of their other bra patterns. No need to worry about pieces not fitting together or doing extra mashing math. Some of the other bloggers did an excellent job mixing and matching options!!

I used a couple different fabrics from Sly Fox Fabrics that I just love! The Mulberry Athletic Knit for the great purple-y body, and this super fun Ribbed Swim knit for the extra texture on the accent bits! Sly Fox has 30% off everything through Tuesday, so grab some while it is on sale!!

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