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Rebecca Page Curvy

Sewing has always been a source of confidence for me. Something that I CAN DO. It doesn’t matter if it is something small, a little zip pouch or holiday stocking, or something large, like a winter coat. I just knew that if I put in enough effort and time, I could succeed. Part of why I picked up sewing as an adult is for the options. Plus size clothing options in stores were….pretty lame. A lot of oversized tent like options, and solid colors. Nothing wrong with either of those things if you like them, but they did not make me feel good about myself. I have always been curvy, and despite some fluctuations, my hourglass has only gotten fuller with time.

When I was buying RTW, I was often right in between regular and plus sizing, making it really difficult and frustrating to find clothes that fit properly. Now that I sew basically my entire wardrobe, I often find myself in a similar situation, right at the very top of size range offerings. Or, even worse, find companies using the straight sizing and just making it larger for larger bodies. This isn’t ideal because my body is not the same shape as a person who is a size 8. I need extra length here, and room added there, rather than just wider pattern pieces.

Working for Rebecca Page has given me amazing insight into how well drafted patterns are made. The time and care that goes into each fit and size. So when we wanted to increase our size offerings, it was…a relief. It felt like I was being seen in a way I didn’t even know was missing. I was thrilled to research what was available from other companies, both sewing and RTW, so we could really offer something that was missing from our community. Then the team worked tirelessly to build the size range. Testing this and fitting that with just a small team to make sure our patterns would hit our broader testing team with something that was at least close. Then testing the grade and making sure it fit well across the entire range. Redrafting and regrading to improve as best we can. Finally seeing our cover sewists and ambassadors really show off just how amazing they came out. I could not be more proud of the team. The passion and excitement that went into this. The care.

Now, the patterns are launched into the community!! To be downloaded and made up. Enjoyed and worn. And I have so many feelings. Pride in the company I pour my heart and soul into. For tackling this in a way that makes sense for the bodies we’re selling to, but for also not charging extra for the new size ranges. Excitement to see people finally share! Fear, that people will not give the new range the chance it deserves. Nerves at sharing my own journey of finding myself in a different way throughout this. But mostly, relief that I know there are really excellent options available. I can sew for myself and my family without having to basically redraft everything. I can try new-to-me shapes and silhouettes and see if they are right for me, without dismissing something because it just fits badly.

So check out these Culottes, that I NEVER would have chosen for myself. I started my photoshoot still unsure if I would wear these and as I was editing photos, damn. I really love them. I am ready for a date night. Or a girls night. Or a comfy couch night. And I cannot wait to make actual versions (read: non-tests, using the final versions, in pretty fabrics) of the rest of the patterns. For myself, my sisters, my mom, any other damn people in my life who don’t have clothes that make them feel good about themselves.

Note: If you already owned these patterns from Rebecca Page, the original sizing has not changed. PLUS the new sizing is just in your account now. No need to buy again. If you have any issues at all, please just reach out to the support team at and they’ll help you out lickity-split!

Fabric: I used this amazing double brushed poly from Sly Fox Fabrics for these culottes. They are the perfect weight to feel swishy and delightful without being too heavy! Any of the DBP prints or solids will give you a similar look!

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