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Me Made May 2019

How we are already back to May? I don’t know. But we are, and I’m already behind on this wonderful adventure. I know I mentioned what this is all about last year, when I had just started blogging. Pretty sure last year’s goal was to wear me made every day. I shared pics on insta more during May than probably the rest of the year combined. It was so fun!

This year, I am taking a slightly different approach. Most of my closet is me made at this point, so I wear it every day without fail. I have maybe three ready to wear pieces in regular ish rotation. One is a favorite shirt. A hangover from before I started really sewing clothes. One piece is some basic black pants, bought earlier this year, when I just didn’t have time to make some damn pants. And one is a pretty button down with cats on it. It was irresistible. CATS!!! (None of this info was necessary to share while explaining my approach to MMM this year, but here we are.)

What I’d like to do this year is simple appreciate what this crazy adventure has given me. To really take time, each day, to acknowledge the comfort and fit of all my pieces. To appreciate how unique my closet really is. (NOTE – Ironically, today, I happen to be wearing this buffalo plaid shirt that exactly matches a friend of mine. Only because the first time I wore it, she asked me to make her a copy of it. We have yet to manage to wear them to work on the same day.) To appreciate the people and opportunities this hobby has brought into my life. It amazes me regularly that I’ve found such amazing, inspiring women that have become a huge part of my day-to-day life.

So, I’ll be sharing on instagram throughout the month, as well as taking time for myself each day, to remember the work and pleasure that went into each piece. To step back from the “I have nothing to wear” attitude that still encroaches, despite the aforementioned work and fun that have gone into my closet. As well as to appreciate the new pieces I’ll add to my closet this month. I’ll also be sharing within groups, reaching out to people directly, and probably waxing poetic here as well, just how much I appreciate the sewing people who have become such a huge part of my life.

I’ll also take a little mental time to appreciate the pieces I’ve made for my loved ones that they wear. Regularly! How much do they love me that they wear the stuff I make?! (Ok, it could just be that I make comfy ass clothes, but whatevs.) It still brings me an abundance of joy to see people wearing something I made. Or asking me to make them something, even when I have no time to tackle their wish lists. (Sorry.)

Whether you participate in MMM, or not. Whether you sew for others, or not. Whether you think you are a terrible sewist, you’re not. Whatever you do, take a moment to remember that you’re awesome. Marvel at yourself, your skills, your sewing community. And know that you amaze me as well.

Stephanie xx

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Me Made May ’18

I’ve been pretty quiet over here. After revamping my sewing room (I can see all my fabric!!!), I just didn’t dive back in to making stuff. I did have fun showing a friend how to make the cutest top and skirt! But other than that, no sewing for Stephanie.

However, it is Me Made May and I am actively participating this year! My goal isn’t a sewing goal or a fabric goal or even a pattern goal. I just want to take the time every day to appreciate my Me Made Wardrobe. Almost everything I wear is me made. I have a few straggler RTW pieces that I haven’t parted with yet and I haven’t tackled jeans or bras (but, they are coming). But the rest of my day-to-day wear and a few fancier pieces are handmade with a little love and some swears.

So, if you follow me on Insta or the book of faces, you might see a simple photo, not even a good one, every single day this month (hopefully!!). And I have to say, I wasn’t sure if I would get much out of MMM, but it is lovely to consider what is in my closet and the thought process behind making each piece. I’ve found myself considering new combinations and pairings and pulling stuff from the back of my closet that hasn’t been worn in a while.

If you are a fellow crafter or sewer, are you joining in on MMM or avoiding the posts because you feel pressured to tackle projects you don’t need? Are you loving the inspiration or annoyed at the extra posts? I’ve seen both comments around our world and understand both perspectives, but I’d love to hear what you think. 🙂

xx Stephanie