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Work It: Edition 3

Another month, another pair of joggers!  This month’s Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats is one I am very excited to share!!  Not only is this my favorite style of pocket, but these 5oo4 Diane Joggers just got upgrade to WORK PANTS!!!! 

You heard me.  I’m wearing these babies to work!  And looking good!!  Not to mention feeling comfy as hell!   This styling all comes down to fabric choice.  The heavy ponte from Sly Fox Fabrics is the absolute perfect fabric for a work pant.  It is thick, soft, and has ridiculously amazing recovery.   (Seriously.  I was actively surprised at the recovery.)  

Once you have the right fabric, moving that pocket to the inside is going to up your game from comfy, cute, but still looks like sweatpants, to work wear!  So how do you go from a patch pocket to internal pocket?  Ridiculously easy.  If you haven’t done this with pants yet, I highly recommend it!  I find internal pockets faster to sew than patch (way less topstitching, which is always my least favorite part).  

To start, you need to make one extra piece.  You need a pocket piece that matches the inside edge of the current pocket piece, and the outside edge (and most importantly, upper corner) of the pants front.  These two pocket pieces will create your pocket bag.  The only other pattern change I made is, once the front pieces are cut out (because I’m too lazy to do it before), align the patch pocket piece with your front piece and cut out the same corner as the pocket.  

From here, construction is super easy.  Right sides together, sew the patch pocket piece to the front pant piece, along that curved edge.  Also right sides together, so the patch pocket piece to your new pocket piece, along the outside curved edge.  Turn everything out and baste your pocket along the open edges to your pant front.  Then continue constructing these bad boys per instructions.  

I did pants length, no cuffs, mid-rise, with a knit waistband.  They are absolutely perfect!  I wore this whole outfit to work on Friday and was so comfy, but cute all day.  My pants weren’t falling down (that amazing recovery) or shifting weirdly like RTW often does on me.  Great work outfit.  

Speaking of outfits, let’s talk about this shirt.  I’ve made the Camilla top for me once before and fell completely in love.  (I wear it constantly!!)  So I knew I needed another one (or 8).  I’ve also been in love with the Lipstick Red DBP that Katy has been talking about in her videos FOREVER!!!  This was the perfect time (and excuse) to use it.  

I changed nothing about this top (except adding a seam to the back because it was faster than refolding my fabric).  Graded for my measurements, cut tunic length, and adding elastic for ruching.  I seriously need to make a bunch more of these.  In solids, and fun patterns.  In DBP, modal, even some beautiful rayon spandex!  

What do you think of this month’s Work It outfit?  Do you want to make your own?  The wonderful team at 5 Out Of 4 Patterns wants to help you do that!  Enter to win a $10 gift card below.

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Stephanie xx

23 thoughts on “Work It: Edition 3”

  1. POCKETS! Real pockets are very important. I hate the little pockets found in most women’s clothing. So I love the practical pockets in these pants. You look wonderful as do the items you made. 🙂

  2. I loved your French terry version but this ponte version looks amazing! I think I need ponte in my stash now lol I know I said I wanted to participate and I have been sewing up a different version of the Ladies Fun Tee by Sew By Pattern Pieces every month, I just have not gotten to lining up a person to take pictures of them-I did a sequin front yoke appliqué on one using a sequined thrift store shirt with matching sequined cap sleeves. And on the other I did a poly chiffon back panel using a thrift store poly chiffon blouse with really pretty embroidery and pleats. I think this month I will do a 40’s inspired ruched puff sleeve version possibly with a ruffle edged faux button placket. All the tee hacks 😉

  3. What a nice work outfit! I love how you’ve upgraded the Diane Joggers. Comfy work pants can be so hard to find and now I know how to make my own! Cute top also!

  4. I love your reason for adding the center back seam to your top. You obviously love folding clothes as much as I do — ha!

    But seriously, your Diane Joggers and Camilla top look ab fab. You’ve inspired me to sew these patterns for myself.

  5. These pants are perfect! Thanks for the tips about changing the pocket. I need a pair for work, Too!

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