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Work It: Edition 4

It is jogger time again and I am pumped to be sharing this outfit!!  It is warming up here in Atlanta.  Actually, that is misleading.  It was never *cold* here.  But, it is not quite chilly anymore.  So, this means shorts and more time outside and general seasonal glee.  So this month’s Work It: 12 Months, 1 Pattern, No Repeats brings some rolled cuff shorts and a great tee!!

If you’re keeping up with this series, you know in last month’s Work It I showed how I turn patch pockets into inside pockets. Inside pockets are my favorite pockets. All pants should have inside pockets. Basically, I am a big fan of pockets. Have I made that clear? So, of course I used this method to add pockets to these 5oo4 Diane Jogger shorts to make them even better!!

Then, I wanted to casual, fun look of a rolled cuff. But, I didn’t want to lose any length in my shorts by just…rolling the hem. Pattern testing has definitely pushed me into a comfort zone with my legs, but not all the way up to short shorts! I knew I wanted about a 1 inch cuff, double rolled. So, I just added two inches to the shorts length before cutting. I did the same waistband as the first edition of Work It, as well as the same drawstring so it matched my fabric!! I do think it would be fun to sew the drawstring wrong side out, to match the rolled cuff and now I’m pretty mad I didn’t think of it sooner. Might have to see what kind of scraps I have left.

I also decided to do these ridiculously comfy shorts out of the same type of baby French terry I used in edition one. It is so warm as pants, but so breathable and cool as shorts. Really a versatile fabric!! This is the two tone denim, but Sly Fox has SOOOO many colors to choose from. You can definitely find something to match or coordinate whatever look you want!

Of course I needed a shirt to match!! And browsing the site, I felt like I really needed something lightweight and a bit less…loud than I usually go for. Basically, I need some solid shirts in colors that aren’t ridiculously bright. I have a few colors of this triblend jersey already holding court in my stash, but this red was irresistible. The red is gorgeous in person and so, so soft.

I decided to go for the Easy Tee to complete this outfit. It is just the right level of fitted through the shoulders and bust, but the perfect ease below the bust for hiding all the food babies without feeling like I’m wearing a tent. Plus, how cute is that tiny pocket!!!

The only change I made to the Tee, was to slightly shorten the short sleeves. I find most t-shirt patterns at my size have sleeves longer than I prefer. So, unless I’m testing, this is a standard adjustment for me. And, since I was making a quick tee for me, I made one for Virginia too!

As always, the fabulous team over at 5 Out of 4 Patterns is giving away a $10 gift card!! Don’t forget to enter to win here!! Also, if you aren’t already a member, check out Sly Fox Fabrics Facebook group! Katy goes live every Wednesday and gives away some absolutely gorgeous fabrics!!

Stephanie xx

Are you sewing some Diane Joggers yourself? I’d love to see! If you hashtag #workit2019 wherever you share, I can find them!

15 thoughts on “Work It: Edition 4”

  1. This looks wonderful. I love the tee and the shorts are just the right length – short enough to be comfy but not too short they ride up into areas they don’t belong.

  2. I can’t believe that I had never looked at the Easy Tee. So many options and really cute. I love Sly Fox’s Baby French Terry. So Soft!!

  3. Looks great, as always!! I like that you shortened the sleeves on the easy tee. I haven’t tried that pattern yet, but I also always find that sleeves in patterns are longer than I prefer.
    It all looks great! I enjoyed the read!

  4. I have both those patterns. It is very helpful to see them made up and to know your fabric recommendations! Looking forward to sewing!

  5. I just found this via your Facebook post. I love the 12 months, 1 pattern idea! I spend so much time just deciding on and prepping patterns. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I love this pattern. Can you tell me if you had to make any adjustments to the fit? I worry about making pants

    1. I graded for my own measurements between the three sizes I fall in, but thankfully, the pattern fits my shape really well, so no other changes were necessary for me. The tutorial does include quite a bit of information for common pants fitting issues and they are super helpful in the facebook group if you get stuck! <3

  7. This looks so comfortable and perfect for spring and summer! I’ve been meaning to try making a t-shirt, and you’ve inspired me to bump this project up on my sewing list.

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